Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 List of Great Influencers

Much like those annoying "family newsletters" you receive from your second cousins this time of the year, I have come up with my own version. Unlike theirs, you get to comment! Have a nasty comment to make about the endless droning of new babies, recently acquired Mc Mansions, or Uncle Ted's hemorrhoids? By all means, let it out!

Needless to say, my version is more of a bullet point list of fun and fabulous.

2008 List of Great Influencers

  1. The Sartorialist. Lovey Dovey This Blog! From well dressed men in their finest frocks to ladies looking lovely, I find this blog to be the most inspirational and influential. Style by the people, For the people.

  2. Garance Dore. This amazing French blog creates a secret burning desire in me. Lose 30 pounds, reverse 15 years, grow 6" in height, scalpel up a new face and move to Paris for the chance encounter with her camera.

  3. Leslie Hall sweater gallery. Feeling like a grump? Sad? This site is the web equivalent of the best anti-depressant drug. Not only are the sweaters fabuly, but the titles will have you laughing. P.S. stop before you pee your pants.

  4. Etsy. Where else can you get Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer soap or a custom made vintage polyester dress? Enough said.

  5. The Slow Fashion movement. The antithesis of fast fashion and its many ills; waste, poor quality, indentured servitude, toxic byproducts, "consumption". Buy local, refashion old garments, purchase superior quality, learn to sew, donate, and save. Due to the economic climate, this very well will be the future. Whether by economics or choice, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment in this movement. This is the petri dish of future designers. Long live sensibility, bye bye cheap crap!

  6. Betty Page. RIP. OK, not fun, but undeniably fabulous. To the unfortunate girl graced with a bum and boobs, she was the goddess. Who didn't dye their hair black, coif their hair into a curtain of bangs, and slip into smelling-salt inducing corsetry?

  7. Shepard Fairey for Obama. Behold the amazing visual imagery that fired me up and convinced me to call hundreds of strangers for the promise of change.

  8. Cobrasnake/Last Night's Party. Living vicariously through others. Honestly. Just good ol'fashion fun. In the land of vanilla, these sites put Ben and Jerry's to shame. They're that good.

  9. Wildcat by Ratatat. This song has single-handedly turned me into a sex kitten, and, quite honestly, I cannot stop smiling every time I hear it.

  10. My fabulously stylish friends. You know who you are.

Care to add any more?

<3 The Frippery
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